Nano-Encapsulated Spectrum Line

$ 69.95$ 149.95

Blue Jay Nutraceuticals Nano-Encapsulated Spectrum Line is designed as a fast acting on-the-go solution. Our proprietary blend of organic ingredients and USA Made hemp extract has been enhanced by encapsulating very small droplets of oil in water. This allows the CBD to bypass standard oil digestive processes and enter the bloodstream immediately, making this our fastest-acting CBD extract. This unique process is 8x more bio-available in the human body.

Customers who are avoiding introducing remedies into their digestive system prefer Nano CBD extract due to its fast-acting properties. Additionally, once the oil has been Nano-encapsulated, the particles are too small to taste making this a more appealing formula.

Our formulation is 100% THC-free, and non-psychoactive. Research shows that cannabinoids such as CBD contribute to bringing the body’s inflammatory response back into balance.  Blue Jay Nutraceuticals Nano-encapsulated Spectrum Line contains a proprietary blend of high-quality omega-3 fatty acid, Broad Spectrum Nano-Encapsulated hemp extract, Water soluble natural flavors, organic preservatives, R/O water, and Organic Stevia.

Nano-Encapsulated Spectrum Line