Hemp is Legal

I started my journey with Hemp oil in 2016. As I started to research this plant, I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn. One of the first things that I learned was it was illegal to grow Hemp oil in US. The farm bill of 2014 allowed for states to set up research farms but with restrictions. These were research farms with no intent to provide for mass scale production of Hemp products. The 2018 farm bill changed the game for Hemp.
There are several things that the 2018 farm bill does for Hemp. In my opinion, the 3 most important are allowing farmers to grow Hemp as an industrial crop, Legalizing ALL derivative products made from Hemp & Separates Hemp and Marijuana in the Controlled Substances Act by rescheduling Hemp.
With Hemp and Marijuana no longer being referred to under the same name (Cannabis) in the Controlled Substance Act this will allow for clear definitions for each to be determined.
50,000 different products can be made from Hemp. For all the farmers out there, this is new to their ears. They will be able to grow a crop that will be able to provide multiple revenue streams. Not to mention that Hemp helps pull contaminants out of the ground leaving the dirt better off than when Hemp was planted. This will do wonders for reducing the number of chemicals that are in our soil.
Last but in my opinion the most important Legalizing ALL derivative products made from Hemp. This is the big one. Now the stigma of Cannabis being illegal is simply not true. Hemp is a plant in the Cannabis family of plants. Just like there is a different type of apple trees there are different types of Cannabis plants.
In my research, I found that the chemical compounds from Hemp namely CBD provided several benefits to the human body. Just like the daily vitamins, a daily serving of nutrients from a Hemp plant would help my body function better. The medical community in the US has not been able to research the benefits of Hemp and all its chemical compounds. Most of the in-depth research has been done in Israel.
To all those that worked to make Legal Hemp oil for sale, Thank you.

Ben Funsch
Founder of GlobaHempTeam.com