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Hemp Extract Capsules

CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

cbd hemp oil capsules CBD Hemp Oil capsules are one of the top selling product in the world. It is designed as a fast on-the-go solution. Nutraceuticals Full Spectrum capsules are a type of dietary supplement and is the pure vegetarian in nature hence can be consumed by everyone. It is GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, and contain no Sulfites which is the best thing in these capsules. It contains the full spectrum CBD Oil Hemp Extract.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Hemp Extract capsules contain a proprietary blend of high-quality Omega-3 Fatty Acid oils, Non-GMO Hemp Seed oil, MCT oil, along with extracts extracted from domestically grown, farm bill compliant, and our proprietary blend of terpenes and flavonoids along with laboratory tested hemp, to ensure quality.

Nutraceuticals Full Spectrum capsules container/bottles are available in various sizes including 500mg, 900mg, 1500mg and 1800mg.

Strengths are delivering approximately 30mg to 60mg per serving. To get the best results you should take one capsule twice daily so that you may increase incrementally. After getting the desired results you may give a gap of a few days and then start it again.

Blue Jay Nutraceuticals has developed a laboratory-designed formula so that all the ingredients work synergistically, each ingredient boosts and enhances the others, in order to enhance and support overall health.

In case you have any queries or doubt then feel free to contact us. Our consultant/support team is ready to serve you better round the clock. For bulk order or purchase do mention BULK in the subject line. If you are a regular consumer of our products then kindly post your review either positive or negative in the comment section so that other people can also get awareness and it will also helpful for us to improvise it in future.

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