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Blue Jay Nutraceuticals changed my son’s life. He was having many seizures a day to almost none. He is more alert, eating better and best of all it’s helped with seizures! Blue Jay is CBD oil is the way to go

Glorilu Maldonado

I bought the tincture product online. I gave it to my mother with Alzheimer’s is been helping her for sure. So the quality of oil it’s outstanding I will recommend anybody there quick in-service responsible great job guys

Eddy Mal

I am a disabled veteran, that suffers from PTSD and terrible anxiety. I also have chronic joint pain. Since I have been taking this product I sleep better, have less pain in my joints and I have NO anxiety whatsoever. This product has changed my life. Buy two bottles today

Desi Hartman

Before we started giving my dog Homer CBD, he was not doing well. He hardly got up to play, let alone go to the bathroom. I was feeding him all kinds of medication just to keep him alive. I tried Blue Jay and it turned him around. Much better energy. It’s like he was a pup again.

Josh Lieberman

The topical is great. I put it on everything from bug bites to sore muscles and everything in between. It’s a must have for me in my back pack when I go camping. Highly recommend.

Tyler Flaherty

My son is a hyper kid. At first I thought it was just kid’s being kids. But he really had a hard time focusing. I heard about Blue Jay from a friend and they said they give the Nano to their child and it helps them to focus and calm down. I was worried about the taste but I just started to add some of the nano to his juice and he never even notices it. He’s so much more focused. Thank you Blue Jay

Beth Waldron

About 4 years ago I was really addicted to pain pills and alcohol. I was looking for some relief from back pain but self medication was not a long term solution. I started using the cream for the back pain and it helped. The high strength tincture also helped me take the edge off of my anxiety so i didn’t have the cravings to drink as much.

Jonathan Bosco